Goblin no Ou chapter 2

Retainer Supplanting His Lord

To satisfy my hunger little by little, I aimed at the small prey.

By doing so, I made it through the first night.

The number of prey devoured was, one rabbit, two dogs, a frog, and one lizard-like creature.

If I were human, such a meal would be nauseating, after some sleep, I was able to digest my meal.

I truly did feel like a Monster.

Looking at my body, I was no longer upset.

I found out when hunting, that this body’s performance seems considerably better when compared to humans.

The night-vision eyes, claws for tearing prey, sharp fangs for chewing, it is not the traits of people.

Nor does my belly break from drinking too much lake water.

I have firmly discarded human evolution.

There is no problem, even if I were to only live with nature, on the contrary, this is convenient.

Rolling over and lying in the shade of a tree, thinking to myself.

Now, what to do.

Of course, it’s unfortunate to become a lowly monster in a place like this.

I read a long time ago, a crazy man who became a tiger in body and mind.

But, I wouldn’t want that.

I’m here, in a different world, and I’m also not human anymore, I should find a way to return to my world.

But how would I do that?

At dawn, I was hunting a rabbit while thinking.

Come to think of it, the goblin that ordered to me to go barely spoke a word?

I suddenly recall, the other goblin that left me here.

And without food.

He did use words.

Are goblins unable to communicate well, excluding me?

Even without knowing, I should obtain information when the other goblin comes back.

Shortly afterwards, I continue to stalk out the rabbit.

But soon as I walk near, I sense a cold shiver go down my spine, I immediately stopped and jumped into the grass nearby.

An intimidating fear spreads throughout my body.

I hear a sizzling and discordant sound coming from a spider, the size of two large men, it seemed like the Lord of the forest, made it’s appearance.

My mind is completely frozen, and the shaking of my hands and feet show no signs of stopping.

It is a question of reason and instinct to encourage fundamental fear.

Predator and prey. Eat and be eaten, I’m in the power relationship, but between me and it, only my body was shaking.

Six red marks cover it round and round, overlooking it’s surroundings, with eight long limbs that would be about as tall as people.


It suddenly stopped moving, the monster spider dives into the grass on the opposite side of me.


I was surprised, in a panic an ugly pig-headed creature with two legs jumped out from the grass. A creature called an orc.

The Spider that jumped into the grass, comes flying out and chases the orc, the spider moves fast, so fast that I have trouble following it with my eyes, It quickly corners the orc.

The orc flees from behind in a two-legged slap down, its head towards the banes… It’s not the spider’s meal time just yet.

Watching the monster showdown before me, my body was trembling, telling me to leave.

With that reason, I start  to mobilize, and run away from the spot without making a sound, I fled back towards the cave.

It’s the survival of the fittest.

The natural absurd law of monsters had displayed it’s fangs in front of my eyes.

△ ▼ △


I can’t utter any words, I hear a voice coming from inside of the cave.

I try looking for the source of the voice, but the cave was too dark and narrow.

Maybe that big spider came chasing after me.

Then, an ugly face glaring in the distance illuminated by the torch, I tried to call out.

I wait a little, and soon the goblin appeared from the cave.


Business as usual for the toothless ugly face filled with hatred, but surprisingly compared to my stature this goblin seems small.

Just overnight, I seem to have had a growth spurt.

He held out a rabbit with a glance, without saying anything and disappears into the  cave without saying anything. Where is he going? Should I follow him? Then the guy come back, giving me a harsh gaze, as if he was going to argue with me.

“Come! Enemy, come!”

I was taken by the arm and pulled forcibly into the cave.

I let out some screams from being strongly pulled, but this goblin is likely not going to show any consideration at all.

Then, I am thrown into a room, the goblin quickly hands me a club that was lying by the wall.


I survey my surroundings, this room seemed to be the armory, what a poor arsenal.

So I’m gonna choose?

Overlooking the fearful weapons, I thought none of them were terrible.

The weapons were unfamiliar to me. There weren’t any Japanese swords nor were there spears, I don’t know anything about the weapons here.

I wonder what the little weapons seem to be.

If this is a fantasy world, the best weapon would be a long sword, but unfortunately what appeared before eyes was a pitchfork with sharp stakes probably made for farm work.

Well, it’s better than nothing.

I convince myself, and pick up the pitchfork.


the goblin goes out of the room quickly.

While I was still in mid-thought, I followed after him.

△ ▼ △


While fending off the club mercilessly flying at me, the next goblin goblin comes in. I had been dismissed. I grab my selected weapon and go. Next, I am directed outside and made to run. I rush over to the ordered destination. It was an abandoned village.

It was abandoned, but there were subtle shadows moving about in the area.

What is it?

Quite a number of green goblins gather in the open. Then in the middle of the group, there stood a goblin with red skin, giving off a boss-like presence.


My arm was pulled, seems like this goblin wants me to meet the red boss. As I stand before him, he looks at me with a magnificent stare.

Goblins are usually small in appearance, but from looking at him I doubt whether he is from the same tribe as goblins. Towering in height, thick arms, sharp eyes, and above all an ugly face. He was wearing some rusted armor and carrying a sword.

“Oi, come here. This, pipsqueak”

From the fragmentary words, I could guess the relationship with this guy.

The red Goblin is the king, and these guys are probably the servants. I am probably one of his minions.

The red goblin glares at me.

“You, the last. Slow guy, punishment now”

In other words, just because I arrived last you’ll give me a punishment?

I’m immediately kicked from behind; what’s happening?

The goblins beside the red goblin quickly surround me and grab hold of my body.

“I’m new here, go easy. don’t kill me”

Looking up, my eyes meet with the red Goblin.

At that time, I saw the eyes of a monster; the image was burned into my brain.

I felt hatred welling up inside. it’s the cloudy eyes of a person filled with contempt and a sense of superiority. The exact same eyes that my parents or teachers or my scumbag brother used look down at me with.

A shock hit the back of my body, multiple screams came from my mouth.


After being struck, I look at the red goblin, there was a club in his hand.

As if it was a pleasure to oppress others, twice, three times the red goblin strikes me, and then trampling my head, he declares.

“I, the king Somerset. Oppose me, no.”

I’ll kill him.

I don’t know how or where, but I’ll be sure to kill this guy!

In this nightmare world, It was the first time I had regained these nostalgic feelings.

Earlier, the world I knew was only dominated by my sense of hunger, but this is a world of difference.

Kindness and goodwill.

In this world, where the strong rule, such things aren’t needed. The strong are always strong, the weak are always weak.

“Answer, Yes”

With a great sense of hatred, I answered.


Do not defy, and.

Blue blood flowing from my body.

I swear to it; I will definitely kill this guy.

△ ▼ △

While my head was trampled by the Goblin boss and I was making my oath to kill, a scream was heard in the distance.


I am suddenly kicked aside and the Goblin boss starts yelling out orders.

Just like trash that was dumped on the ground, I was idly watching the scene unfold.

While many of the goblins are forming a line, the red Goblin directs his gaze to the enemy, there were three orcs approaching.

The goblins try to suppress the oncoming attackers, who seem to be aiming for the red goblin.

The goblins try to overwhelm the orcs through sheer numbers, but an orc with its huge club was more than twice the size of a goblin.

This was not a fair match-up.

It was my honest impression. Against someone with a different body-size, getting in a decent hit or even winning is extremely difficult.

Crushing goblin heads with one swing of his club, the orc spreads fear into the other the goblins who see their comrade’s brain fluids leaking out of their heads, in spite of that the goblins continuously hit the orc.

Unfortunately, the orc’s thick fat prevented any of their blades from causing fatal wounds.

At this time, the red goblin just stands back and watches as his minions get slaughtered.

As the orc looks around, many goblins form a wall surrounding the orc’s body.

But such a thing could not stop the orc. Using its body as weapon, the orc rams into the wall formation, causing the goblin’s wall to collapse.

More goblins charge after the wall collapsed, but the orc is unscathed. At this point, the orc is thrashing about, there is not a hint of reason in it’s eyes.

The orc seemed eager to charge through the goblins once again and continue his siege.

However, the red goblin, looming in the front line, intercepts the orc’s charge.



The two monsters collide, but the confrontation ends quickly.

The end result is.

The Orc’s shoulder was cut roughly, but paying no attention to the red goblin, he mindlessly runs off and disappears into the woods.

Looking back at the red goblin, he seems to have fainted.

His body falls to the ground, not even making a single twitch.

Then, entering the my eyes, was the sword, which slipped from his hand.

And *Dokun*, I heard a rippling sound coming from my heart .

I put pressure onto my arms. Ignoring the screaming of my body, I force my upper half to move.

“Gi, Gigi ──”

Hey now, this was pretty convenient. This kind of good deployment.

I wonder?

Shakily, I move towards it.

The fallen long sword.

I reach the vicinity of the red Goblin, who is still unconscious.

I never thought that I would get to kill you so soon.


── Now die. Dickwad.

Part 1 of 2


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